Don't abandon your books, I come to your house to collect them.

Tomi di Carta was born out of a personal need.

In the last 10 years I have made at least 3 removals, and every time moving the almost 100 cases of my library was more and more difficult, also because the houses where I moved were always getting smaller.

So at some point I made a drastic and Zen decision: sorting the books that made sense for me to keep.

And all the others? Throw them in the landfill ?? Never. Give them to those who might need them, associations, prisons etc.?Nobody wants them anymore. So I tried to sell them on Ebay, and I realized that there was a request for almost any topic.

So I understand your concern very well by planning a move, emptying my grandmother's house ... and the books I make of it?

Tomi di Carta solves the problem: I come, box and take away for free, if you are in Milan.

I collect everything except encyclopedias and ruined books. For libraries of particular value or consistency we will evaluate together a satisfactory proposal for both.

Don't hesitate, Tomi di Carta gives your abandoned books a life.

Call 3356245750 and make an appointment, or send an email.